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Kaiser Mattress Co., Ltd., is a company dedicated to the mattress design, development and manufacturing.
From the 1986's, many well-known at home and abroad began to OEM manufacturers of high-quality handmade mattress, have in the manufacture of exquisite craftsmanship and innovative spirit of improvement, more than 20 years to uphold the "Your comfortable sleep is our under the concept of happiness ", to create their own brand -" Kaiser. "
Long-term focus in mattress technology, improve product quality bed industry.



Founded idea


Insist on quality

Consistently professional and responsible manner, for the application of the mattress material is quite rigorous and progress to users' needs as a starting point to enhance the independence sophisticated steel tube, the introduction of high-temperature tempering of industrial equipment, as well as the successful development of high toughness high elasticity of the spring, spring life, steel, support force increased by more than 20%.

Plain to see lots of design, combined with sophisticated modern technology, the use of non-toxic and environmentally friendly natural materials, handmade bed adhere to, in every part of the production-defect Chuimao seeking, securing the highest quality mattress, more in line with the body's needs.
Honest and adhere to quality mattress, every material must meet the company's founding spirit, although walking difficult, but it is the spirit of Kaiser's honest.

Improved innovation and a number of impressive patent (ISO9001 certification and product patents), Kaiser bed industry from design to manufacturing, Taiwan's production, made in Taiwan ─ "Kaiser."

Field testing mattresses, sophisticated enhancement, improve production and management processes, enhance competitiveness mattress

"Bed" for people, it is very important that the quality of sleep and death to people and health. Therefore, we in the process of making a mattress is to uphold such a mentality to produce, for each part of the production process must be required to achieve the company's internal controls standards to ensure high product quality, the establishment of consumer word of mouth.