home Production process

Kaiser of bed for a long time, has been held for the production of mattresses to focus on rigorous attitude. Good mattress springs start working, like the human skeleton architecture spring the same principle, adequate support will affect the durability and comfort of the mattress, the mattress firmness plus each design, each step From the selection of fabrics to tailoring, sewing, combinations of materials to every detail of trampolines and focus on safety and health, and constantly develop health and safety and take into account the comfort and durability of the mattress, in view of the human body independent tube mattress support and provide The importance of comfort, do the best design portfolio. Customer demand as the starting point, from the sleep of healthy relax the muscles and then relieving the pressure, kept sophistication is the highest principle of the company, in order to produce products that meet consumers' good bed, the company is committed to enhance the independence of the steel tube, the introduction of the industry with the oven, too rigorous testing, has developed both high toughness and high elasticity of the spring, spring life, steel, support force increased by more than 20%. Company R & D emphasis on the interests of customers first mattress, covered the good material to consumers (health, comfort, health, safety) company will adopt, its purpose is to create a satisfying good mattress.


Materials Sector

- Variety of plain cloth
- Variety of cloth flowers style
- Specifications of the spring
- Spring Testing

Tailor made

- Cutting cloth
- Sewing
- Trampoline

Preparation made

- Support the side & multi-level
- Patent holes
- Trampoline

Fixed made

- Finalize the process
- Pull ingot oil production
- Around the edge

Quality Inspection

- QA / Packaging
- Designation / guarantee card
- Dust pouches

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