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Warranty contents: date of purchase of the mattress, will provide one year of free maintenance warranty.
(Note: Warranty means under normal use, no unnatural force majeure and vandalism caused by the failure or damage under.)

Year quality assurance elements:
● spring mattress spring inside the main structure
● foam mattress foam inside the main structure
● latex mattress latex inside the main structure
● bedside main structure of the wooden frame
Guarantee from the date one year after the purchase, the company provides one year warranty repair service satisfaction.

Products can not get proper warranty under which condition?
1. The product warranty does not include natural wear and tear, such as mattress surface with a cloth, filler.
2. The normal mattress to sleep marks, sleep subsidence range within 2.5 cm is a normal situation, undermine the overall structure of the mattress is not within the scope of warranty.
3. products due to improper installation, improper storage, usage errors, and improper use of their own to change the structure of the mattress cleaning methods cause damage or defect is not within the scope of warranty.
4. Product warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear resistance, cut or scratch, or accidental damage caused by the impact.