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Remittance / Online credit cards / cash on delivery (limited to the amount who must charge a 30 yuan fee (limited to Taiwan))

Those who choose cash, subject to confirmation after contacting us to arrange shipment! Missed three times via telephone contact, namely deemed to give orders! To avoid dropped calls, please dial service hotline and we store contact Commissioner, thank you!

Invoice payment is completed in order to open after shipping, invoice and goods will be sent together. If you have not received the invoice within 20 days after receipt of order goods, please contact customer service center to online invoice amount is deducted from your net preferential use redeemed after the invoice.

During the seven-day limit within Taiwan appreciation of, the occurrence of defects in the case of new products, please stronghold apply for replacement of new products.

If you have to purchase, payment and shipping have questions, please ask directly through the call center 0800-633-888 related issues.