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3 major reasons affecting sleep

[Work] workers overtime is already the norm, plus evening social life such as entertainment, gatherings, etc., people are always in the morning, 2 o'clock to sleep.
[] Worry about money because the disease is now one of the humanities modern economy caused by the height difference with the evolution of modern society one reason for insomnia.
[6] 3C products into people think of 3C products will affect the regularity of sleep time, 40 percent believe that the impact of sleep quality 7, it is still recommended that people avoid bedtime slip phone.
Sleep when the environment is too hot or too cold, humidity is too high (exudes a musty), too much dust, bedding and pillows and other irregularities will make people feel uncomfortable, or even cause allergic reactions.


Get enough sleep eight hours

Specialist physician advocacy always get enough sleep eight hours a day, but really sleep at least eight hours long, will be able to energetic, high spirits.
In fact, this is just a suggestion averages observed family, colleagues or friends is not difficult to find, some people extreme sleepiness, the demand for more than eight hours of sleep a day, the same day as long as someone can sleep six hours.

Bedding equipment is very important

Sleep aid tools such as pillows, blankets, mattresses, etc. will also affect sleep quality, good bedding can have Zhumian effect. The mattress is too hard or too soft, sleep together but feel back pain;
Quilts hygroscopic gas; pillow height or stiffness wrong, stiff neck and discomfort may occur situation occurs.