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Steel produced using steel ROD-Carbon Steel tube plus independent professional manufacturing technology made via mechanical coil spring, and then designed specifically for the coil spring by the required heat treatment of tempering device again to make the coil spring conversion as we require near-zero fatigue with high elasticity, durability excellent Taiwan's first laboratory tests using TAF spiritual use of scientific instruments: "coil detector elastic fatigue Bian" independent measuring cylinder spring in the use of durability by set pressure and fixed travel back and forth 100,000 times compression spring Kaiser test tube the measured independent of "load loss" almost zero increase 15 times the durability of the mattress in general, not only long service life, but also has excellent ensure the durability of the elastic support real-spring bed is good or bad and use.

Usually traditional spring beds because each spring series lead to lack of lumbar support, prone to back pain, and other shortcomings, Kaiser independent tube because it can only achieve a single point of support can be completely obedient, focused on the support of each of the body, just as you designed in line with your curves and thus achieve the purpose of relaxation Kaiser diastolic pressure cylinder as independent human skeleton architecture, have a good architecture will have a good posture to make the human body feel fatigue uniform support so that the original muscles also get proper relieving Kaiser features a spring barrel independent individual independence, can stretch alone, fully comply with the body curve, strong and uniform support care in various parts of the body, can effectively absorb the shock due to the conversion sleeping position, reducing the same bed partner because of interference caused by emancipated, enjoy, high-quality sleep.


Independent cylinder with conventional mattress difference?

In "Spring bed", the "independent tube" is a breakthrough spring bed, this approach is mainly individual inner spring mattress independent, used as a dispersion force aim to improve the link traditional spring mattress generated due to mutually implicated spring with depression problems, but also the body weight according to different ministries to provide appropriate support force, but the force point still coil block size support for a rebound, while the effect is limited bouncing up and down force.

In the above introduction, we can understand the independence of the tube actually is a spring bed evolution evolved, which is why we will separate mattresses classified as the main reason for the barrel spring mattress. And a box-spring mattress features include its supportive, elastic, strong degree of durability, so it is good or bad spring and its use is absolutely the most critical. In addition to its independent tubular structure itself and the spring, in the above mattress must add a layer of memory foam mattress or latex mattress, used to increase the comfort level.
In the industry now more familiar spring bed style can be divided into six, the most important quality of the relationship between the mattress features include supportive, elastic, rugged durability level, and for spring bed, the spring its use is absolutely the most key role, as well as being more familiar with the current popularity of "spring bed," about the following six kinds of styles:

1. "link type" spring

Traditional mattresses is the diameter of a circle thick spring steel wire link fixed, high hardness, sleep feeling hard, but the support of good elasticity less obvious, easy to involve domestic elder Since most of the older generation habits affect the life, more frequently used link-spring bed, but if the long-term sleep in a fixed position or used to sit on the bed and corners, or no flip mattress regularly, could easily lead to depressions and elastic fatigue.

2. "high elastic" spring

"High elastic springs" wire diameter is 1.8mm, rear springs made of steel wire link to the entire mattress, the choice of high carbon steel production of thermal heating can be bent 90 degrees and the same type, it has a back high elasticity, and both characteristics Q soft elastic.

3. "line of steel" spring

Entire every spring mattress from the bed begin with a steel wire wound around the end of the bed, and then parallel link up, creating a unique line of steel mattress in support force, the average level by the force and the pressure is dispersed all spring structure is the most robust one.

4. "independent tube" spring

Independent cylinder spring loaded non-woven fabric or cotton bags, then glue or ultrasonic bonding mode close together, the more the number of turns of the spring represents a spring body, the greater softness, laps 6 laps or seven laps to the most number of pieces arranged places spring body size based on the inner diameter of the spring, the smaller the diameter, the more desired spring body, mattress it hard. Independent tube mattress springs is not linked to steel buckle, but the dolphin each "independent", even if the pillow stand side move, does not affect other people's sleep, while the average bear throughout the body can each impact point pressure, so that the body does not ache due to vacant and that the advantages of the so-called ergonomic. With respect to the connecting springs, independent tube mattress to sleep feeling softer, but excellent independent cylinder and link their support spring are comparable.

5. "high support independent cylinder"

"High support independent barrel" as independent of one type cylinder mattress, its manufacturing process and the arrangement and general independent tube mattress the same, but the use of the spring diameter of 2.4mm to refining high-carbon steel, spring designed several pieces 660 (5 feet), while maintaining stability can not sleep too soft sense, we are accustomed to using a hard bed consumers the best choice.

6. "Cellular" spring

"Cellular independent barrel" as one of the independent tubular mattress type, the same material and practices generally parallel independent tube using its cellular independent special is taken staggered tube, it can reduce the gap between spring to enhance the support of and elasticity, again reducing the driving forces mattress surface, more close to the body curve, to raise the average pressure of sharing and a sense of flexibility and elasticity sleep.

Four spring adhere to quality processes

1, the manufacture of steel produced in certified steel springs and then to senior spring machines imported from Switzerland, completed the first heat treatment, to produce the first spring.
2, into the oven 270 degrees C after quenching, increase the spring stiffness and toughness. (+ 20% over)
3, bagged artificial tube package into separate bag.
4, the arrangement of different permutations and combinations of softness, combined into various segments of the mattress, the bed shape a good quality bed.