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Use of natural rubber latex is made from the sap secretions, basically latex can be considered natural products.
History of human use of latex and quite long and extensive range, latex itself has a very good elasticity and supportive of the use of its properties to achieve the support of the human body and the effect of dispersion pressure, while natural and efficient use of its advantages is long.
Use a latex product of normal maintenance life of up to 8 - 9 years, but do not set it as for high-temperature environments (such as direct sunlight), in addition to the effect of certain latex pad should not be too thin, preferably more than 1 inch .
Latex bed element content without odor, breathable, anti-bacterial anti-mite ... etc, are following products of low quality and there are differences, to work closely to support the body's natural curve of its most prominent feature.
Characteristics of silicone mattress is slowly sinking, slowly rising.
So can not see listed in silicone mattress latex mattress-like elasticity as performance, because the pressure difference between the two modes of action sparse, as the life of silicone, the laboratory tests show its life should be up to 7 to 8 years.
Silicone bed (aka memory plastic bed) is made of foam foam products by chemical means, with viscoelastic phenomenon itself, in part under pressure will put pressure on the object set off molding, so will the pressure is released slowly restitution . Because of this, so that the mattress itself totally obedient to their maximum body curve characteristics.

Featured cooled glue

1, non-toxic: natural materials, without adding harmful substances, putting you at ease comfortable and healthy sleep.
2, diastolic pressure: Helps release stress, less sleep when 澸 oppression God created light and stiff neck or paralysis occurs, ergonomic.
3, antibacterial: water glue itself has antibacterial, mildew, dust feature that can reduce the occurrence of allergens.
4, thermostat: special temperature design, even at ultra-low temperature will not harden, can be used in any climate, allowing you to enjoy the sweetest sleep.
5, breathable: This product has 3D stereo circulating air, soft, breathable, not hot.

Belgium imports latexco latex

Association tested by Oeko tex standard 100 noxious substance test, it was confirmed this latex products not harmful impact on the people in the environment, by eurolatex eco-standard guarantee,
This certification on behalf of "more healthy sleep."
Latex rubber tree using secretions made, basically latex can be regarded as a natural product, no smell, permeability, anti-mite antibacterial ... etc, latex itself has a very good elasticity and supportive of,
So is a very suitable material for use in the mattress. In general the need for good elasticity of the mattress would recommend using to enter the mattress comfort. While taking advantage of its characteristics to achieve the support of the human body
The effect of the location and dispersion pressure, fatigue or easy elastic deformation, the proper use of up to 10 to 15 years, while natural and efficient use of its advantages is long. Europe and North America more people use latex advantages

1, a good heat dissipation, good permeability effect
2, soft elastic effect, can support the body's natural curve close
3, non-toxic and pollution-free, 100% compliance with environmental standards
4. The tree can release natural protein, and effectively inhibit bacteria and allergens lurk
5, easy to clean, do not inhale the dust, do not absorb moisture and will not damp long mildew

QQ cotton

A, QQ strong elastic sponge - and another called Nano sponge, using nanotechnology modification technology, can effectively reduce the temperature adjustment thermostat with the same functions with deodorizing charcoal cotton dust corrosion and acid-fast bacilli. Also known as QQ cotton because there is a strong elastic force of the same effect as the jelly, it was also known as jelly cotton.
Second, the egg-shaped sponge - sponge uneven appearance features, there is not the same as the branch point support, but its strongest skill is their permeability, because of the high density latex so the surface will need to ventilation holes, but egg-shaped cotton special itself strong permeability.

Outlast ® thermostat yarn

Outlast ® technology was originally developed for NASA (NASA) research and development, the use can absorb, store and release heat of phase change material (PCM), in order to achieve optimum thermal comfort.
Outlast ® technology is like ice in drinks, ice absorbs heat and cooling drinks in solid to liquid process, the beverage for a long time kept at a suitable temperature.
Outlast ® phase change material of the same action principle and ice, but these materials are encapsulated in polymer microcapsules, is permanently protected.
Any product Outlast ® technology can continue to regulate the microclimate of the skin surface. When the surface of the skin from overheating, these materials absorb heat; when the skin surface is too cold, they release heat.
Outlast ® technology proactively manage heat, sweat before the skin can control skin temperature, to prevent sweating.

This technology was originally developed for NASA (NASA) developed, and still continue to develop and test, in order to improve the effectiveness and safety of a variety of uses, making it suitable for the brand around the world, widely used consumer goods, from clothing to bedding, bedding Outlast ® technology proactively manage the heat and humidity, so you sleep better at night, more comfortable, been tested and found to relieve troubled sleep of skin temperature soared, menopausal women and temperature requirements are different The couple have helped.

Zinc - essential human natural zinc

Can protect the skin, repair skin, skin regeneration, anti-allergy, reduce odor, antibacterial, antifungal, physical barrier, the skin particularly vulnerable to environmental damage in bacteria, zinc can promote cell regeneration, thus speeding up the inflammation and wound healing. So, how to protect and care for the body's skin, clothing textiles are very important. Sensitive fiber is a health, beauty and antibacterial Weiwei in one of the new era of fiber, Sensitive contain traces of zinc, wearing textiles containing Sensitive, long-term protection of the skin against environmental damage.

Zinc effectiveness:
Zinc is an essential nutrient for the human body, the human body in many enzyme reactions must be contributed by the zinc, the body's immune system and reproductive system, have health effects. Zinc is also present in many natural oyster, pearl ... which is often used for medical care on the skin, beauty creams and care products. Zinc can also interrupt the bacterial metabolism, prevent breeding of bacteria and suppress the occurrence of odor and vibrant property fibers bring many benefits to allergy sufferers and improve the quality of life in patients with psoriasis and neurodermatitis.
Sensitive Fiber: is the use of medical-grade zinc oxide four, fully in line with international health regulations of DAB 10, when the skin moisture (sweat), it will trigger Sensitive antibacterial properties and can effectively inhibit odor. Antibacterial by JIS L 1902: 2002 / Allergy by DIN EN ISO 10993-10: 2007

Tencel ®

Tencel ® from eucalyptus wood (eucalyptus) pulp - 100% from the eucalyptus trees, artificial trees from managed forests.
Features: 1. Strength - Strong 2. High fiber drape - high expansion fiber 3. luster and softness - round and smooth surface 4. peach colored effect and a higher rate.
Tencel can also have a strong brake breathable cotton, pure silk smooth shine, and can quickly absorb moisture, quick release, keep dry and comfortable; at the same time highly breathable thermostat ability to provide a stable quality of sleep a night.

Seaweed fiber yarn

Seaweed fibers (SeaCell) from Germany is seaweed ground into micron-sized fine particles, which powder is added to a solution of cellulose in NMMO, forming alginate fiber (SeaCell) by the micro-fiber wood cellulose and algae composition. Seaweed fibers (SeaCell) in seaweed active substance when wet, from Peng Run tiny microfibers slowly released by the German Friedrich Schiller University did experiments ABEL Antioidant Test, confirmed seaweed fiber (SeaCell) resistant to radical generation, so that the skin has a role in health care.
Seaweed is a major breakthrough in healthy fiber textiles, the essence of having a marine minerals and algae, at any time around on your side, sustained release to you the ocean moisture, make you feel more comfortable, more healthy. Can be applied to sportswear, lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery, infant clothes, towels, bath towels, bedding, mask, etc., and it generally takes contact with the skin of textiles.


Silver has long used as a fine silver or silver plating method vacuum adsorption on the fiber.
German researcher Rudolf Chemical Group is inventive, to adopt a new and efficient manner, SILVERPLUS silver antimicrobial additives can be processed to the fibers and textiles, in order to really maintain the effectiveness of antimicrobial hygiene and fresh kind of silver-based antibacterial treatment effective prevent those bacteria on the textile surface unscrupulous.
SILVERPLUS silver antimicrobial range of applications
1. restaurants, medical institutions clothing textiles │ 2. Sporting Goods & underwear │ 3. Shoes & Socks │ 4. overalls │ 5. Mattress & Linens