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A full range of support functions

Preventive medicine experts believe that the best sleeping position should be the same standing. Have a good mattress support functions, giving full support for the ubiquitous body while the spine can be maintained at a position as a standing posture, while only maintaining the natural curvature of the spine, muscles can really relax, otherwise instead is get up backache back pain feeling tired.

Mattress support functions into two parts
Ergonomic structural support

Structure and shape of the human body are convex, the muscle, bone and nerve marvelous together, like one of the most sophisticated instruments. The so-called structural support is to be sorted out with ergonomic mattresses, curve be supported without causing subsidence vertebral body to maintain a balance of effects.

Human contact surface of the support

Surface of the support, that is, when sleep between body weight placement and the bed surface contact point, can not generate oppression caused by the weight can not be dispersed, leaving poor physical appearance subcutaneous blood circulation or create a tactile nerve paralysis phenomenon.

Carefully choose spring mattress

Mattresses by the spring force of a spring due to the individual is too large, and secondly, can only bounce up and down in a vertical direction, can not effectively disperse angle of pressure from different sources, poor obedient, so when the body is under the curve to the pressure spring bed pad can not be detailed reaction suction cover a variety of body shapes weight pressure, causing the surface of the weight concentrated adverse oppression, people must stand up from time to time in order to alleviate the pressure of body parts, a stable level of sleep is therefore compromised.
Easily lead to bad mattress supports spinal deformities, poor blood circulation, so that only the correct understanding of the mattress support functions, will be able to select out a suitable mattress to protect the bones of the spine do not lose shape.