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Non-skid, comfortable and carefree side

● Why bedside will fall?

Traditional mattress, on the edge and did not strengthen the robust design, often sitting on the side edges of why you will feel more soft, unable to support even after sitting and fall.
Mattress is a tetragonal structure, if the edge can not be maintained stable, and soon the bed will tilt affect your quality of sleep, leading to poor spirit.

● Non-skid edge design Why?
Non-skid side mainly to the four sides of the bed, and connected by lines into the surface of the structure, strengthen the whole side of the mattress around to make solid, while retaining the use of lightweight materials and design side, allowing you to sleep at ease, but you want to move when it can be easily moved without excess burden.

● advantage of retaining edge
1. Increase the area of the mattress can sleep without fear of slipping under the bed while sleeping.
2. To increase the stability of the mattress, the mattress to prevent produce hammock effect.
3. To increase the life of the mattress to reduce because often sitting on the bed, causing the mattress sag, or spring stretched out condition.